Colour Analysis

A Colour Analysis is the first step on your journey to looking and feeling good. Ever thought why you have bought clothes, and then for some reason never liked wearing them? Most people only wear about 20% of the items their wardrobe. What a waste of time and money in buying the other 80%!

So why does it matter what colours you wear? Well, wearing the right colours near your face is important, because you will look healthier, slimmer and more vibrant. If you wear the wrong colours, they will make you look drained and tired. Understanding how your skin tone, hair and eye colours are affected by varying shades and hues will give you so much more confidence when buying clothes. This way you will also save money by only buying clothes in colours that flatter you. Over time, every item in your wardrobe becomes co-ordinated, and you won’t have 80% of items you’ll never wear!

A full Colour Analysis takes approximately 2 hours, and can be for both men and women. A personal colour swatch booklet and information sheet is included in the price.

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